Friday, 11 March 2016


All medical doctors in the whole world recognise the word "Glasgow" from Glasgow Coma Scale. A measurement used to determine whether someone is conscious or not. However, what is Glasgow? Or who? Why is it called Glasgow Coma Scale? When I first heard of it, I didn't give any concern to that word. Even when I first heard the name Glasgow, as a city in Scotland, I didn't make any connection between the two. The first notion I had of "Glasgow" is that it is a big city where people go for shopping. I was living in Dundee, then. Within the year I was in Dundee, I had only been to Glasgow, twice, and none of those times gave any impression of the city, nor did I make any connection between the city and the measurement. Isn't that foolish? Or is it what people call ignorance?

Now, I have been living in Glasgow for 3 years. I'm in love with Glasgow. I thought of this city as my second home. The hustle and bustle can only be found in the centre of the city. I like how they manage the city into 5 parts. You can find University of Glasgow and some tourist sites at the west end of the city. You can find stadium at the south side of the city. The east end and north side are mostly dwellings.

Starting 2014, Glasgow has a motto of "People Make Glasgow". I learn this term when Glasgow was having Commonwealth Games 2014. They shared this motto by merchandise, such as pen, lanyard, badge and even bag and t-shirt. They also include this in the Opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games.

What is the meaning of "People Make Glasgow"? It means how people build the city of Glasgow, not only by bricks or economy. It is how people the city of Glasgow vibrant and dynamic, by using arts, music and many things. That's why Glasgow is known as city of arts. You can find arts everywhere in Glasgow. You can also find music played anywhere in Glasgow. When you walk through Sauchiehall street, Buchanan street and Argyle street, you can find musician, artists, performers on every corner of the street. That's why it is a vibrant and dynamic city.

Thursday, 10 March 2016


You painted my life with colours
You gave in to my selfish desire
You were never out of my reach
My heart wished for you
Alas, it never reaches you

Many moons come and go
We have been apart for so long
Still, you come in my dream once or twice
You occupy my mind when I least expect it
Nothing can push you out

I no longer await you
I long for you not
I know your heart is out of my reach
Still, nothing can stop me from thinking of you
You keep coming to my mind and my heart

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Let me live

Can I see the living world?
Do you need me?
Don't you want me?
Don't I have the right to see this universe?
To see the beauty of the butterflies
To see the bright stars
To see the clear blue sky
To hear the chirps of the birds
To smell the fragrance of flower
To feel the softness of the velvet
Do you think I don't have the right to live?
Do you have to erase me from your life?
Then why did you make me?
Please, let me stay living...

Monday, 19 April 2010

Moonlit nite

Shining bright in the sky as blue as the sea
Sound of the howling wolf reaching the farthest being
The light seeking in the creep of the dark
Voices without shape reaching to the deepest soul
But,twinkling of lights brighten the cold heart
Hoping for the dark to disappear
Embracing the white silvery light creeping out of the darkness
Endless, once in a blue moon


It's a word that man loves to say and hear
It's a word that contains hope and despair
Dreams need it
Regrets are full of it
It's a wonderful thing when the opast becomes the future
Hopes against hopes
It would never happen
Only if...

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Love conquers all?

When you love someone what do you seek?
Do you seek nothing but give?
When you care for someone what do you expect?
When you love each other, is he your soulmate?
How can you know someone love you with all his heart or his brain?
Can you see it?
Can you feel it?
Or you are just disillusioned by what you hope for?
By what you think you see but you don't?
When you love someone do you really love him?
Or is it love that you are in love with?
It is another disillusionment...


Heart, small but it is the core of all existence
It is your soul
Brain makes you think, but heart makes you feel
When your brain is confused, your heart leads you to your destination
It shows strength that you are not conscious about
When your brain tells you to stop, your heart craves for more
However, there is time when you have to choose to follow your heart or your brain